Atopic Dermatitis

Everything Started with the Love of the Family

Many parents have difficulties in raising children with atopic dermatitis. Dr. Jeon's daughter also suffered a lot from atopic dermatitis during her childhood. Dr. Jeon started to research and develop an eco-friendly product that might help his daughter's condition. One project that I started for my daughter was a stepping stone to establishing a company called Biocera.

Everything Started with the Love of the Family

The research that started with Dr. Jeon daughter's atopic dermatitis then came into a bioceramic company. Dr. Jeon's passion and love were recognized as one of the world's top healthcare professionals. Even now, Dr. Jeon hopes everyone who suffered atopic dermatitis soon become well, just as his daughter did.  

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic allergic inflammatory dermatitis that is common in children and can persist in adulthood. Causes of atopy are hereditary, surrounding environment, use of household items, diet, and more. Factors that irritate the skin can cause and exacerbate symptoms. Atopic dermatitis is a disease caused by an imbalance in the immunomodulatory function that protects the body from the surrounding environment.

Biocera A.A Jug Pitcher

Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline water can help remove free radicals and help sneeze, eczema, and itching in atopic symtoms.

Atopy requires constant care, treatment, and lifestyle changes. So how can you cure atopy? If children complain of itching, it is important for parents to look for something that will turn their attention to the child, like a toy. You should turn your child's attention and apply an ice pack or moisturizer to the affected area to control itching. It is very important to improve the immunity of the skin for infant atopic skin, and if the sleep is insufficient, the immunity of the skin decreases. Therefore, children have enough sleep to have enough bloody dragons to cope effectively with stress. However, these are only temporary measures, and the complete problem requires free radicals to be solved. Also, because the skin of atopic patients is very dry, it is very important to keep the skin hydrated. 

Biocera Atozero Happy Shower

Residual chlorine in tap water can continuously penetrate the skin, causing atopic dermatitis and hair loss. Biocera Atozero Happy Shower removes chlorine by protecting skin health.

Due to environmental pollution, atopic dermatitis causes environmental diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. If you have a child, you need to make an effort to turn it into an eco-friendly product. Synthetic detergents that are used in many households have chemical components that can make atopic dermatitis more severe. The causes of atopy vary widely. If you use a detergent containing chemicals, such as clothing or blankets that come into contact with your skin all day, your skin will dry out, feel rough and itchy, but children may suffer from eczema, inflammation, and sores. Since it was developed with the mind of a parent who thinks of a child, all raw materials use eco-friendly and safe ingredients.

Biocera Green Ball

To avoid irritation of the skin due to allergies, dust, and sweat, it is recommended to apply lotion frequently, and it is recommended to use a detergent-free Biocera laundry ball that does not use detergent.